I’m Pressing In

I was challenged to visualize the God I pray to…  I always see God healing others, while I am onlooking in the crowd….  Well, now I am the one who is pressing in through the crowd.

This song was written as a response to my ‘vision’ of where I am and where God is when I pray.
I’m Pressing In

I watch from afar
a sick man is healed
a blind man can see all things.

A lame man walks
a mute man now talks
a deaf man can hear all things.


I’m in the crowd
I won’t let you pass by
without touching your robe
by the hem.

I’m pressing in
to the one who can heal me
who can change my heart
thoughts and my ways,
I’m pressing in.

Lead me away
to a lonely place
where it is just you and me.

I give you my hand
my heart and my mind
use them for your glory

watch and hear video


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